Climate Technologies Assessment for North Macedonia Industry taking into account comments from the CNI WG enterprises, UNIDO and MoEPP
Client: UNIDO; 6.2022-8.2023

Secondary legislation implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive – Phase 2; European Western Balkans Joint Fund: REEP Plus Framework – Policy Dialogue
Client:EBRD/ Economic Consulting Associates (UK);
Ministry of Economy; 10.2021-7.2023

Multilevel governance approaches in the energy and the climate policy planning and governance,
Client:GTZ/GIC Macedonia, 6.2022

Study of the Rationale and Pricing for Performance Based Payments and Technical Assistance for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solutions, North Macedonia,
Client: UNDP/Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
gemeinnützige GmbH, 6-9.2021

Addressing energy poverty in the Energy Community Contracting Parties,

Update of the MVP BU methodology,
Client: GTZ/GIC Macedonia, 9.2019-2.2020

Advise for preparation of the  NEEAP IV 2019 – 2021
Client:GTZ/GIC, 9.2019-2.2020

Energy Efficiency Law, West Balkans REEP Plus Framework,
EBRD/ Economic Consulting Associates (UK);
Ministry of Economy; 4.2018-4.2019

Facilitating Multi-level governance for Energy Efficiency,
HORIZON 2020 Programme,
2.2015- 7.2017

Reducing energy use and change habits, REACH
Client: :
EU Commission, Inteligent Energy Programme, 3.2014-2.2017

Decarbonization of the electricity production in Macedonia – Vision 2050,
Client: European Climate Foundation, 2-10.2016

South East Europe Electricity Roadmap- SEEERMAP
European Climate Foundation, 10.2016-2.2017

SHORT STOCKTAKING STUDY, Electro- energy sector
European Climate Foundation, 2016

Refurbishment of the Public Building Stock Towards nZEB
Client: : EU Commission, Inteligent Energy Programme, 3.2014-10.2016

Triggering the market uptake of energy performance contracting through street lighting refurbishment projects,
EU Commission, Inteligent Energy Programme, 4.2014-3.2016

3 Year Action Plan for Households,
EuropeAid/ 1 29822lD/S ER/MK/,
Beneficiary: Ministry of Economy;4-7.2015

Supporting Implementation of Sustainable EE Lending,
Client: Oppenheim Asset Management Ser-vices – Green for Growth Fund, 3.2011-9.2019

Market research and analysis for the development of renewable en-ergy projects in the region of Southeast Europe,
Client: Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar/Hrvatska Elektro-priveda (Croatia), 12.2013-02.2015

“Energy in Central and Eastern Europe – enerCEE.net”: Update of the Energy Country Profile of Macedonia,
Client:Österreichische Energieagentur – Austrian Energy Agency,2014

Increasing energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy sources in the cross-border region,
Client: IPA Cross-Border Programme Republic of Macedonia-Republic of Albania, 2007-2013, 3rd Call for proposals, 10.2013-11.2014

Towards resource efficient urban communities in SEE,
Client: South East Europe INTERREG Programme, 9.2012-8.2014

Preparation of energy audits of public buildings, preparation of technical specifications and documentation and supervision;
Client: “Sustainable Energy Project” – WB/GEF trust fund grant number TF057107
Ministry of Economy; 2.2011-1.2013

Widening the Thermal Solar Energy Exploitation by the Successful Models,
Client: IPA tool thru SEE Transnational Program, 6.2010-5.2013

WeBSEFF- Western Balkan Sustainable Energy Finance Facility, Regional multi country project, Energy Audit of industrial processes,
E3 International/EBRD, 6.2010-5.2012

Conducting study on the economic and environmental impact of the solar – thermal collectors in the hospitals in Stip and Gostivar
WHO, 2011-2012

Development of National Methodology for Monitoring, Evaluation and Verification of Energy Savings – Development of Bottom-Up Methods,
Client: GTZ/GIC Beneficiary: Ministry of Economy;2.-5.2011

Consultancy services for a policy framework to support implementation of climate policy at the local level
UNDP, 2011

Assessment of methodologies for the calculation of energy performance of buildings, corresponding climate parameter and climate data requirements,
Client: UNDP, 12.2009-5.2010

Piloting energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in pilot health institutions
WHO – Protecting health from Climate change in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 2010

Balkan Regional Residential Energy Efficiency Report,
Client: IFC, 6-12.2009

Skopje CCHP Plant 200 MW, Feasibility Study
Client: World Bank/ENPRIMA Oy Int.
Ministry of Economy; 3-9.2009

Affordability of Utility Services in Urban Housing: Energy and Water Efficiency Solutions for Europe & Eurasia,
Client: Alliance to Save Energy (USA)/EnEffect (BG), 2005-2006

Southeast Europe Regional Energy Market Support Project, Youth Employment Program,
Client: USAID/MGGF/International Resources Group Inc.,  7.-10.2005

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